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Entertainment events, Live events, Graduation Ceremonies, High Profile celebrity celebrations, Experiential Activations

For years, Star Power Generators has remained the leader in providing power for special events. We have done this by providing the absolute best equipment available and the most personalized attention to our customers. Whether you are providing power for a corporate stadium event, graduation ceremony, or your daughter’s wedding, you can be sure to get the same individualized attention.



A power outage can happen anywhere and anytime. Star Power generators offers a quick solution to your emergency power situation. With locations throughout Southern California we can reach any location quickly and efficiently.



Live TV Broadcast, Taped TV Show

Star Power studio quiet generators deliver reliable and responsive solutions for On Location film production, broadcasting, or TV commercial shoots throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Star Power features a variety of movie-quiet generator sizes ensuring power solutions to fit every budget.



Indoor/Outdoor Concerts

Star Power Generators has been an industry leader in outdoor festival and concerts power for many years.
Whether you are looking for some quick budget numbers or looking for a fully detailed proposal based on your site plans, Star Power Generators would love to become a trusted partner with you for your festival or concert.



Complete building shutoffs

Receive a notice from your utility company warning you of a scheduled shut off? Star Power Generators is an industry leader in temporary building backup power. We can work closely with your facility electricians or provide our own C-10 licensed contractors to provide you with the best solution possible for your power needs with no costly down time. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a generator for your facility.



Star Power offers a complete refueling service – diesel or regular unleaded. Whether you have a generator, RV, restroom or production truck or any other machines onsite, Star Power is available 24/7 for all of your refueling needs.

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